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All the news that the MSM will never report … (especially in Canada)

Kojo No Tsuki” (Rentaro Taki), performed by Yo-Yo Ma, Michio Mamiya, & Patricia Zander, from the album “Japanese Melodies” (1990)

Iraq Qaraqosh 11. August 2017
Christian families return to Qaraqosh. Father George with the rebuilt map.

Interesting article here.  Western Progressive media (this covers just about all western media in fact) have been thunderously silent on the treatment of Christians in the Middle East outside of Israel. In the image on the right the yellow homes are the Christian homes destroyed by the Muslims. This information gap is ESPECIALLY insidious in Canada where our Progressive Socialist governments donate hundreds of millions of foreign aid money annually to the oldest Muslim terrorist organization in the world. Justin and his family recently spent his last winter Holidays with his “long time family friend and mentor” at his private Caribbean island. This person, this friend and “mentor” is the Aga Khan.

Given that friend and mentor’s position as the absolute ruler of the Nazari sect of the Ismaili Muslims, a branch of  Shia Islam,  it leads to some natural questions for any thinking Christian. One question: Is Justin Trudeau a deep cover Muslim affiliated with the Nazari sect (also known historically as “The Assassins“)? The Assassins have a very solid hold on the title of “Oldest Islamic Terrorist Organization” in history, operating since at least the late 11th century, or to give a bench mark, that was shortly after the Norman lord William the Conqueror took over in England.

The Aga Khan's Father

The Aga Khan’s Father March 16th, 1902

So, provocative conspiracy theory question: Is Justin a closet Muslim and an undercover Nazari assassin? Do we have our very own made in Canada version of Barry Obama as the closet Muslim president? Or is he just a useful idiot in keeping with Uncle Joe Stalin’s comment on “useful idiots” of the western left with his usefulness attached to his control of the Canadian Foreign Aid purse strings. Who else but Justin can annually and routinely approve hundreds of millions of dollars of Canadian taxpayer’s money in “donations” to the Aga Khan Foundation .

With reference to Taqiyya, it is reasonable to assume that everything one reads and finds at the foundation website is both true and good in an absolute and specific sense and is also a complete lie in the sense that the impression conveyed by the site is misleading in inviting ignorant unbelievers to assume that Nazari Islam is not a mortal enemy of Western “civilization”. History would seem to indicate otherwise but what do modern western progressives steeped in their cult of self worship and perversion know about history. Now they study “Social Studies”.

More seriously … given my feelings and observations about what passes for society and civilization in the western world today (based on observations of Social Media, Entertainment sources and the MSM) I think a totally solid case could easily be made that Islam is absolutely, even empirically, provably correct in their classification of “western civilization” as “evil” and requiring extermination to “cleanse” the world. One can rest on one’s laurels for only a limited time before degeneration sets in and the structure of western civ is now rotten to the core, even as the Roman empire was in Christ’s time.

I am tempted to consider the dictum “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Were I not already a committed Christian I suspect I would be tempted by Nazari Islam.  The question of trust remains a stumbling block. Then again, there is the Prophecy of Fatima and our Lady Maryam, a prophecy that through the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima the world of Islam will be united with the world of Catholicism and become the one religion of the one God. Imagine that … just for a moment … what a world that would be, no? What would the unbelieving secular progressive leadership of the west be able to do about 4 billion believers? Could the believers influence a change for the better? Interesting future I see – over 50% of the world’s population united against the godless bureaucracies of Mordor and the Antichrist. hmmm … We can always pray.

Ave Maryam, Gratia plena
Maryam Gratia plena Ave, ave dominus,
Dominus tecum Benedicta tu in mulieribus
Et benedictus fructus ventris tui Jesus.
Ave Maryam mater Dei
Ora pro nobis pecatoribus
Nunc et in hora mortis
In hora mortis, mortis nostrae Ave Maryam



A daily Catholic prayer recited every morning: “In all things may the most holy, the most just, and the most lovable will of God be done, praised, and exalted above all forever. Thy will be done, Oh Lord, Thy will be done. The Lord has given, The Lord has taken away, blessed be the name of The Lord.”

As just another weary foot soldier in the battle of eternity, we are not promised victory in this life. This is the Long Defeat. This life is Boot Camp. We are simply called to remain faithful. Never give up, never give up, never give up.

Semper Fidelis


Pen as Sword - Social Commentary

Coat Tails Again …

Cruxshadows, Winter Born, This Sacrifice

David Warren over at  Essays in Idleness has hit one out of the park again. Given our similar views on a lot of things it is unlikely that the majority of Canehjun voters would share those view but hey, you have to work with what your dealt.

So here’s a short slide show for Boy Justin so he can learn from the example of more experienced senior leaders. I got these pics in the email today that just about perfectly sum up everything I am saying here: If it ain’t Obama, it’s Trudeau. … and Boy Justin is going to tell Putin off to his face????   PULLEEZE!!!  Don’t make me laugh so hard, I’m peeing myself!

Obama_Putin_Differences_11Obama_Putin_Differences_2Obama_Putin_Differences_3Puttin’s girlfriend could hand Boy Justin his balls in a Mason jar and when he woke up he could join the Ottawa Boys Choir, or maybe go back to teaching snowboarding with the snow bunnies. I am just stealing them because I simply couldn’t express it better, so elegantly, and so politely.

On the home front I have been totally up to my A in renovations with one of the best (if not THE best) crew I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with in my entire 50 years of working for a living. It has been a blast. But it does get tiring and is stressful living and working in a construction site.

The other night I took a short break and watched “Captain Phillips”  and thoroughly enjoyed it. The only sad thing I saw was the reality that, thanks very much to progressive liberal jiggery pokery and general all round wimpery and poltroonery, such evil people exist and prosper in the world.

Absent the total abandonment of this world, when one has a duty, and by virtue of discernment, a moral obligation, to protect the innocent there is no recourse in honour but to stand and deliver. Evil Savages of all races only understand greater, more deadly violence than their own.

Heavenly AngelsThere is ONLY one solution to worldly evil, namely,  as quickly as possible and as efficiently and mercifully as possible – we kill them, ALL OF THEM, ALL THE TIME, every time they encroach upon our domains or our people. Believe me!

They are not all stupid victims of Western Imperialism although they are often portrayed as such in the media and among liberal circles everywhere.

Many of them are smart enough to stop being bad and behave themselves when faced with force they understand. The ones that don’t learn we just keep killing them. Immediately! Same as one would do a poisonous snake in the yard or a rabid dog on the porch.  Kill all of them, every time they show up until the bad guy gene pool dries up and there aren’t any more left to kill. Like others have said said elsewhere:  “You are either with us or against us – and we have the missiles and the snipers. Your call.”cropped-predator-firing-missile4

Every time we let the baby murdering liberal pink tribe poltroons run things eventually they screw things up bad enough that a whole bunch of good grey tribe guys have to die to put down the rabid dogs.

Anyway, who cares, eh … I’m just another knuckle draggin’ neanderthal redneck with an over developed sense of right and wrong.  Right!  But now, thanks to the suited red tied poltroons in our parliaments and the chestless career  ass kissing manipulators in the bureaucracy, and the totally gutless deviants in the media, and all their drooling running dogs over at Being Liberal we find ourselves facing the so called “Daish”.

DAISH (not Daesh, as is often spelt in the West) is the Arab acronym for Al-Dawlah Al-Islamiyah fe Al-Iraq wa Al-Sham (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or Sham), for which the acronym is ISIL or ISIS, as was originally used by the group that now prefers to be called Khilafat, or Islamic State.

ISIS atrocities 3You can recognize them easily enough, they are the ones wearing chequered table clothes on their heads and masks over their faces and shooting helpless people in the back of the head or cutting off their heads or raping women and slitting their throats or burning folks alive or drowning them or crucifying them or …. well you get the drift.  Thank you very much ya liberal wienie (unprintable) kissers. Geez!  I am just so Rude mentioning all these unimportant details. I guess I didn’t understand the narrative, or didn’t get the memo, or maybe I AM just rude and ignorant.  Who Knew? Of course me being rude and ignorant really doesn’t change reality even a little.

Well just go figure … I wonder how many good grey tribe boys will have to die to put down that pack of rabid animals. Maybe we should just draft all the Liberals, Progressives, politicians and bureaucrats (oh, and the abortionists since they are so good at killing) and ship them off to fight for us for a change now that they have so thoroughly pissed in everyone’s soup. Wouldn’t that be a refreshing vision – Narcissistic Idiots cleaning up their own mess for a change.

Well, that’s my take anyway, so now you can go over to David’s site and read it there, or stay here and read this copy. Your Call …


Wrong how?

It seems that Tony Blair and I were wrong about Iraq — at least, according to Tony, who made a less than complete confession to some other talking head on the weekend. Jeb, the brother of Dubya Boosh, says something similar from time to time, by way of securing his reputation as a wimp in his own run for the U.S. presidency.

In the clear light of retrospection, maybe they wouldn’t have thrown that particular rock into that particular hornet’s nest from that particular angle. All the same, they’re glad we got Saddam. They may speak for themselves. (I permit it.) But speaking only for myself, given better information from the intelligence agencies (and so forth), I’d do it all over again — the way I wanted it done in the first place.

Gentle reader knows my opinion of “democracy,” and might trust I would not have spent thousands in blood and billions in treasure trying to install “democracy” in Iraq. Let the politicians apologize for that mistake. No: I would have picked a plausible Arab Strongman, who understood the regional facts of life, in just the way we had remodelled them: “You’re with us, or you’re with them, and we have the missiles.”

In other words, proceed from the “invasion” phase to the “surge” phase, without the long intermission. Call me a bloodthirsty warmonger, but I thought the operation was military in nature, and the quicker it were over, the better. This, moreover, because, as I was aware then, and am even more aware now, the Western television audience has a short attention span; and voters, though enthusiastic at first, tire of foreign wars quickly.

Focus, therefore, on wiping out anything that looks like an enemy in short order; then leave a few discreet bases scattered about to repeat the operation when and where required. Do what you can to avoid “collateral damage,” but don’t fuss it: more lives are saved by a drama that, so far as humanly possible, observes the Aristotelian unities.

This is hard nasty geopolitical stuff in a fallen world. One does not waste punches, nor bluff. I admired President Bush because, while supposedly inarticulate, he was able to communicate the notion, “You do this, and we do that.” By showing that he meant it, to Kabul and Baghdad, he had, by May of 2003, everyone’s complete attention. America was the hyperpower, and everyone understood. (Twelve years later, that hyperpower has folded.)

More lives are saved by clarity and simplicity. The Daesh were able to flourish because so much wiggle room was supplied to them. Tony is right that the movement technically originated on the Syrian side of the border; but that was so largely because it had been driven there.

The Daesh began to amount to something with Saddam’s surviving assets, mostly in capable personnel. For, whether or not sporting “ABC” weapons, Saddam did have international terrorist connexions, and considerable experience in manipulating them. He did have a plan for what to do if the Americans invaded; and though he may be posthumous, himself, it is still working. I would go so far as to say that he outsmarted people like our Tony. For the Americans and British and all their other allies have gone home. And the Daesh are still very much in business.

Put this another way: Why did we stop at the Syrian border? There were several unanswerable reasons to cross it in hot pursuit, of which only the first was to hunt down and kill escaping enemy forces. Another was to win the Assad family over to “cooperation” with the USA, or failing that, to let them join their old Ba’athist allies in extinction.

To which end, many logistic problems could have been resolved by coming at them from two sides: from the Mediterranean as well as from the Persian Gulf. For Assad’s Hezbollah confederates — the Shia Iranian proxy — were also in need of inartistic pruning. This last would in turn not only have improved everyday life in Beirut and Damascus; it would have clinched the “you’re next” message to Tehran. It would have mightily impressed our old NATO friends in Turkey; and have left Israel with one fewer front line to lose sleep over. And all for a fraction of the cost of the four lost years before General Petraeus and company “surged.”

Gaddafi never needed replacing. After all, when he’d had a good look at what Boosh had done about Saddam, he became quite reasonable, happily surrendering his own nuclear programme. Mubarak might still be in power, too, as the conditions for the Arab Spring (power vacuums) would not have coalesced.

And I daresay the ayatollahs of Iran would be welcoming our nuclear inspectors, by a treaty less negotiated than dictated. There would certainly be no ever-mounting tide of refugees on European shores; and several million Christians would still be living in comparative peace in the locations where they were born. “Peace through strength” is an old adage; or by way of preparation, “Peace through war.”

Instead, we have been working on the idea of peace through shuttle diplomacy which — have you noticed? — always ends in failure. It is a failure by which vastly more lives are lost, or ruined, than by the success of prompt and decisive military action. This, anyway, is where I disagree with Tony; yet still agree, in principle, with the proposed solution to the terrorist problem of that Dubya Boosh. It was, if gentle reader will recall, that each and every sovereign state will “deal with” (in the sense of, extinguish) the threats originating within its borders. Or, failing that, get a visit from the USMC.
Published: October 26, 2015




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