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Luv That Warren Fellow …

Comey saves Hilary“Good: Trump fired Comey. About time. I have nothing against the man, but he needed to be fired. Everyone should be fired, it builds character. I will draw the line at hanging, usually. But yes, turn them out on the street, make them earn a living. (I suppose Comey can always move over to being leader of the DNC? ed.)

Comey running for DNC chairThat is incidentally my scheme for the improvement of all modern business and government. Fire everybody. For instance, fire Trump. By all means fire Trudeau. Get all their henchmen off the public teat.

As gentle reader must know, I am opposed in principle to all non-hereditary office-holding, and employees who expect a steady cheque.

This leads to being ruled by a certain class of pushy, noisome, interfering bosses. In particular, no one should take a management job, unless he is stuck with it. Well, maybe keep Trump. He’s stuck with the job, and doesn’t need the pay. And besides, he seems to be good at firing people.  …”


Read the rest here, David Warren rarely disappoints, read him every day.



Blinf Leading the Blind over cliff edgeWhy do the progressive elite always find themselves on the wrong side of history? Is it what they are taught at their high toned universities? Or are they just so wrapped up in their narcissistic fantasies that reality never intrudes into their kingdom?

Pen as Sword - Social Commentary

Are The Elites Out Of Touch?

cooling-towersThis blurb is just the gathering of info, or what passes for info, from around the net. How can that be seen as uncharitable? Am I making judgements here or just allowing others’ to reach conclusions on their own by presenting disparate items in a targeted sequence? Allusions and aspersions all in the same slough.

Solipsism (Listeni/ˈsɒlᵻpsɪzəm/; from Latin solus, meaning “alone”, and ipse, meaning “self”)[1] is the philosophical idea that only one’s own mind is sure to exist. As an epistemological position, solipsism holds that knowledge of anything outside one’s own mind is unsure; the external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist outside of the mind. As a metaphysical position, solipsism goes further to the conclusion that the world and other minds do not exist.

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation (CTF) has come out swiftly against the federal Liberals’ carbon tax plan, saying it will cost the average Canadian family $2,569 more in taxes every year by 2022. The plan, revealed in the House of Commons today, will establish a “floor price” on carbon pollution of $10 a tonne in 2018, rising to $50 a tonne by 2022.

Will whoever replaces the Liberals as the Natural Governing Party of Canada continue with these policies or roll them back? Has any government in this country or anywhere, when returned to power after a hiatus, ever rolled back policies which the opposition decried when out of power. Brexit comes to mind but that wasn’t about the revenue, was it? Anyone remember that roll back happening ever when revenue was the question?  I don’t remember a single incident except when it involved changing spending priorities rather than rolling it back. It was that way with the old helicopter scandal under Chretien.

AlaskaPipeline-e1447444783580In other news: Saskatchewan’s first blast of wintry weather has hit the province hard. By the morning, up to 40 centimeters had fallen on some communities and according to Environment Canada, another 10-15 cm was expected to fall during the day.

cypress-hills-snowSo we NEED to do this carbon tax thingy to save the planet for our children … right? While colder winters continue to rise in the U.S., many aren’t sure which factors to attribute such extreme weather and freezing temperatures to.

The question might be posed, how can it be global warming when it snowed in places like Phoenix and Las Vegas last year? The truth is, global warming doesn’t just mean the earth is supposed to turn into an all-out fireball. To the skeptics, however, the persistent weather and climate changes are dismissed as pure happenstance. Is global warming even real?

Whatever the proponents and skeptics say, we can be absolutely certain that this new Canadian Carbon Tax is ABSOLUTELY NOT just another tax grab in a long line of tax grabs by government under many names. The Federal and Provincial governments would NEVER lie to us, eh?

justin-trudeau3Funny how the 40’s tune “D-Day Dodgers” popped up when I heard Justin declare he would prefer to make mistakes while speaking “ rather than to be inauthentic … and hyper-controlled and totally scripted the way other people are.”

Mr. Trudeau, like Lady Astor, standing on a platform and talking tommyrot, just like the D-Day Dodgers we are, we workers who have no say, and who pay for all the government folderol. And of course why should Justine care a wit since he doesn’t pay any of his own bills and never has in this life – born with a silver spoon and moved on from Daddy’s fortune to the taxpayer’s dollar in one smooth progression.

SO!  Pop Quiz! Another time – same government –  same party, who remembers inflation and indexing in the 80’s? Why wasn’t the income tax grid indexed? Why was the income tax level the ONLY item not indexed by the Federal Liberals? I guess Mr. Martin figured Canadians were too stupid to notice this HUGE stealth tax grab, and even if they did they probably would not leave, or the government could always just lie about it.

I guess Mr. Martin was right, eh? Poor, poor Canadians, so smug and naive in their practically perfect lives, in their practically perfect country, practically perfect in every way. hmmm. And, should doubts ever arise you can always rely on CBC, CTV, and Macleans for your daily Koolaid ration. What? Me Worry? PM Zoolander (aka PM selfie) has to be the attention whore….always tries to make himself centrestage. Never miss a good photo-op, eh?

And in OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau has heard the naysayers. He knows “cynics” say he’s all flash and no substance, and that there are those who believe Canadians are turning out to see him only because of his famous last name and good looks. He knows some are wondering how he, of all people, can claim to want to fight for the middle class, or when the next time he’ll put his foot in his mouth will be.

That’s okay, he says in an exclusive interview with Postmedia News: “My values and my heart are in the right place. My challenge is to have people get to know me.” But will that pay the heating bills at -40 degrees Celsius?  Does anyone outside of Ottawa and Toronto really think a nice shiny new carbon tax will do anyone in Canada any good at all, and if so, who?

So the question remains: Are The Elites Out Of Touch?  This isn’t a new meme; nor is the notion that the “little people” can’t look after themselves; nor is the reality that folks would rather believe what they think they know than what they actually know because at the root of it all we actually know nothing. And it is what we don’t know we don’t know that always bites our ass.

And here is another version of that 40’s tune ” The D-Day Dodgers” . I guess it reflects the perennial reality, and the media of the day were as cavalier with the truth then as they are now – anything goes in pursuit of a good lead.

pope_francis_marriage_remarks_810_500_55_s_c1Back then, “D-Day Dodgers” was a term for those Allied servicemen who fought in Italy during the Second World War, a rumour spread (anonymous source?) during the war that the term was publicized by Viscountess Astor, a Member of the British Parliament, who supposedly used the expression in public after a disillusioned serviceman in Italy signed a letter to her as being from a “D-Day Dodger.”

Of course, there is no record that she actually said this, in or out of Parliament, and she herself denied ever saying it.[1] What can we ever know when even the Pope changes transcripts of what was said at events.

800px-ortona_cimitero_canadese_05A reference to a “D-Day Dodger” was bitingly sarcastic, given the steady stream of allied service personnel who were being killed or wounded in combat on the Italian front. A “Dodger” is someone who avoids something; the soldiers in Italy felt that their sacrifices were being ignored after the invasion of Normandy, and a “D-Day Dodger” a reference to someone who was supposedly avoiding real combat by serving in Italy, whereas the reality was anything but.

Just another classic case of an idea which the elite got totally wrong, and the folk ran with because of their personal leanings pro or against the government of the day or perhaps the particular MP in question. Nothing much changes under the sun as long as people are involved. I bet the Roman Empire’s media were the same as ours are now, just slower because they had no internet.

Whatever … we watch the media spin the story, along for another wonderful progressive ride, just like the D-Day Dodgers on their way to Casino, but thankfully not taking enemy fire (yet).



wheat-harvest-timeAlways remember, “Be charitable in your judgements, and never take yourself too seriously”

Pen as Sword - Social Commentary

Is the Tree Rotten?

Sipping my morning coffee and contemplating temperatures in the plus ranges – things are very much like a maritime spring day today, complete with fog.  Watching Fox, watching Global, watching CTV, and CBC, and BBC, and reading the Economist, and even once in a while the Mop & Flail (although that rag has, over the years,  become much more suited for wrapping used kitty letter than reading)… Everywhere we are continually inundated with a tide of media speak, of endlessly nuanced flavours, views, spin and talking points about and by our ruling elites and how much they are doing for us, or not doing for us, and so on and so forth.

Yet we see every day around us increasing signs of the detachment of these same elites in the media and government from the realities of everyday live for “everyman”. “Budgets”, and “State-of-Union” addresses, and “news” conferences, and magazine articles, and “news” shows – the infamous infotainment style of reportage. We become accustomed to accepting, in a pseudo “Skinner” manner, whatever we are told by these “sources”  because even a broken clock is right twice a day and we periodically get a real grain of corn amidst the chaff.  Of course any really good lie comes at you sugar coated in a lot of truth and it is the progressive agenda that is the big lie coated with the sugar of “helping and looking after the voters”.

One gets the distinct impression that the elites everywhere eventually and inevitably begin to believe their own spin – their own BS, as a friend remarks.  The almost universal development of a “L’etat, C’est moi” attitude amongst our bureaucracy and their political masters reveals just how detached from reality and everyman they are gradually becoming. This phenomenon, this separation of the elites from the masses, is one of the commonest signs of social decline in any society . Where the elites – the leadership and their servants – share the concerns and values of the people, the government proceeds smoothly. Where the elites are psychically and socially separated their people, they start designing policies that actively harmful to the masses. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the areas of Social Services and Criminal Justice. When the elites come believe that the basic rules of decent conduct are only for the “little people” and don’t apply to the elites we are already too far down the slippery slope to recover without cataclysm.

And amongst the people, the ones most susceptible and sensitive to the decline of values and morals, the ones most affected  by harmful policies are the young. Increasingly as they age they perceive that the deck is stacked against them, they have less invested in the status quo and less to loose by abandoning the old values. They have known nothing else and the education system and the social services available to them and the performance of the justice system when they eventually run afoul of the law all conspire to produce an underclass of ignorant visionless consumers who concentrate on living for the now, for their passions and appetites, because they see no future. They can’t imagine things getting better and they turn to any demagogue who promises them something they have been told they want – right now.

I don’t think I am imagining all this. I really do see this all around me every day. Does anyone else see this picture of society?  It seems pretty straight forward to me. It is as plain as the voice of the senior bureaucrat who once told me over coffee (I was a policy writer at the time) in all sincerity that he believed that the function of government was to separate resources from producers and distribute those resources as he saw fit according to policies developed by the same class of bureaucrats for the betterment of those who had less resources – this was his religion, a religion of take from those who were considered to “have” to give it to those who were considered to “have not”, as if the state of “having”, by some alchemy of progressive policy, rendered the “haves” generally evil. The corollary of this was the equally phantasmagorical belief that the state of “not having” automatically conferred the mantle of general goodness upon those who “have not”.

He saw himself, rather romantically, as a kind of “Robin Hood” in a suite. The mechanics, the underpinnings, of have and have not never seemed to enter into the thought processes. He must have missed the Economics 101 class where the prof pantomimed the action of socialist government by “acting” as the government taking from the producer and pocketing a large share while passing the remainder on to the receiver. This is simplistic I know but reflects the reality of daily existence for more or less any producer on the planet, whatever their product might be. Bureaucrats as pimps – interesting image.







Disclaimer for nitpickers: We take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair. We do all of them deliberately