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Nexus of Evil? Connections …

Snow”, by Kobudo, from the album “Ototabi”  (2013).

So, when I started this post outside it was snowing heavily, I thought it would pass quickly and the forecast was for above zero temperatures soon. Just another spring snowstorm, here today and gone tomorrow. In the end I spent Sunday shoveling out and Monday and Tuesday with a sore back. The immediate effect was that I chose “Snow” for my cover song when I started.

This post is less about spiritual thoughts and more about political conflict, and Globalism, and Open Borders, and the real world results of the sin of self love as witnessed in Canada over the last few years. These days it looks like Justin might have had a makeover and gone back to politician school for remedial work after the last term of juvenile shenanigans. His handlers must have gotten a scare or two, I wonder if Uncle George took him in hand and kicked his butt.

Justin makeover? Does this man have my best interest at heart?

I am thinking today about a “nexus”, about connections, and the consequences of “self interest” to the exclusion of “loving our neighbour”, when carried to the logical and inevitable conclusions. A “nexus” is a connection or series of connections linking two or more things, as in: “the nexus between industry and political power”, or a “connected group or series”, or a “nexus of ideas or theories”, or “the nexus of all this activity was the marketplace “. “Self-interest” is defined as being focused on yourself or putting yourself at an advantage. An example of self-interest is thinking about your needs above the needs of others around you.

Socialism and its extremes of Communism and Fascism are also fundamentally based on self-interest, that is, Self-Love,  both in the sense that many or most who support such systems believe it is in their self-interest to do so, and in the sense that individuals living in and under those regimes continue to act mainly out of self-interest. It really is a wonderful system to live under … really, it is. You don’t believe me … I am sad.

As long as the Leaders of Socialist and Fascist political systems can use other people’s money and resources and assets to pay for the programs which cater to the “Self Worshipers”, called “voters” in some jurisdictions, and the “workers” or “proletariat” in others, things seem to go along well on the surface and at the photo-ops.

Dare I say “evil”?

Behind the scenes, however, it is a different, grimmer story. Some old friends of mine, having escaped from old Eastern European regimes in the 70’s and 80’s, have remarked that “They pretended to pay us and we pretended to work”, all the while the totalitarian screws turn tighter and tighter to wring the remainder of the ever declining pool of “other people’s money” out of the commoners, and to permanently silence any voice of dissent.

We are seeing a lot of that in Canada these days, the oxymoron of “Government Worker” is even more popular nowadays than when those same “workers” shouted their feelings about “Military Intelligence”, during their 70’s and 80’s “student protests”. But seriously, there is a lot of bad stuff happening behind the scenes in Canada … dare I say “evil”?

I recently found an interesting blog by a Canadian Veteran by the name of William Ray, who served 10 years with the PPCLI, in the early 90’s including the “Medac pocket“. Here is a link to his blog.  On another page of his site there is a long, frightening, and detailed listing of the atrocities we in Canada have been afflicted with over the last few years.

His Master’s Voice? George Soros, Justin Trudeau, and Chrystia Freeland, Davos, Sw. 2016.

The image on the right is of Schwartz György aka George Soros, lecturing Boy Justin and Foreign Minister Freeland (who was then slated to write the Soros auto-biography just before deciding to run for office) in Davos, Switzerland, January 2016. Notice the relative postures of the participants in terms of authority, the attentive students at the feet of the master?.

This whole series of reports rings very true for me as a refugee from the Quiet Revolution of Jean Lesage in Quebec in the 60’s. I have not followed up on his sources yet but I do not expect to be surprised by anything I read, and I have a long experience of the evils which Canadian Governments get up to, all the while pretending they are only doing things for our own good. Yes, with popular support averaging around 35% over the years they really still believe that they speak for Canadians? Sounds like the CBC with 1% of viewers.

So where am I going with this narrative? Well, not too far from today’s news, namely the spread of our latest flu outbreak. Here is a link to an interesting Johns Hopkins CSSE web page about the current flu outbreak in China and it’s subsequent spread. It does seem remarkably coincidental that the worst centers of disease are also the worst centers of Socialist Secular Progressive government systems on the planet. These disease centers cover the full political/economic range from European Socialist, through Totalitarian (Islamofacist) Middle Eastern Dictatorships, and all the way across to Chinese and North Korean Communist. And Canada is already a long way down the same disastrous path.

Are ya gonna call Greta?

Even in North America we see the outbreaks seem to correlate with the centers of Socialist Progressivism, you might say, the “Bernie Sanders Fan Base”. Can’t really see it in Canada because most of Canada is empty but even here we see it popping up in Vancouver and Toronto. Of course Canada is a rather icy, cold, and snowy place and no self respecting Chinese virus would willingly take up residence here unless forced to.

So we are witness to the sin of self love playing out through history and across time, are we not? This is just the latest episode. And self love has always failed through all of history to the endless misery of all the little players and their subjects and will fail to the last syllable of recorded time.  The only constants over the centuries seems to be 4 words … sin, disease, death and taxes.

Or according to God’s plan it’s ten words … this plan is telegraphed in the first few pages of the Bible and can be summed up in just 10 words: light, dust, breath, garden, river, eat, alone, naked, afraid, sweat. Or you can go with the Facebook post which was circulating a few years ago … image on right

No one seems to be immune no matter what their political or social beliefs or their affiliations and clubs, no matter how big their bank account is … death comes to every last mother son of us no matter how we rail against it and pretend otherwise. And then what? Well, there are a lot of folks in China, and the Middle East, and Europe and even on the West and East Coast here and now who seem to be discovering that they can’t rely on their Socialist gods to protect them even from the flu.  Bernie and Greta and Justin just seem to be all out of answers, so who ya gonna call?

I have been trying to follow the Manufacturers instructions regarding this creature called Joe. I look in the mirror and acknowledge that it has been a long and bitter battle that continues daily.

These days, following the rules has become really unfashionable, and most folks seem to feel that the rules really don’t apply to them anyway, especially if there is no one watching or their peers scoff at the rules. Back in the prewar (WW1) days folks mostly followed the rules and had some respect for authority (Piety). Guilt was the driver and anyone who was self aware understood guilt. Now it seems that we have adopted the Asian or Middle Eastern model of a shame based society – when it is all about face, then we can do anything as long as no one knows or sees what we do and we can keep it a nasty little secret, and if it stays secret then it is not even nasty, is it?

Nowadays, the scoffing of our peers carries more weight than anyone or anything – God help you if you get noticed on Facebook – or worse yet get “Unfriended”.  Unless you take the path most traveled and  decide that you, very conveniently, really don’t believe in God anymore, even though He is still the ultimate source of the rules and always will be …  so about those rules … they have been around for a few thousand years. Moses got a copy around 3300 years ago … then his dog ate his homework and God had to give it to Mo again.

So, according to the Manufacturer’s Instructions we have Various Rules of Conduct, (Leviticus 19). Here it is from USCCB site, maybe too many footnotes, but if you are not a believer you are probably not reading this anyway, or you can just skip to the end from here.

1 The LORD said to Moses: 2 Speak to the whole Israelite community and tell them: Be holy, for I, the LORD your God, am holy.a * [19:2] Be holy, for I…am holy: in the writings commonly attributed to the Priestly collection, Israel is called to be holy through obeying God’s precepts (11:44–45; 20:7–8, 24–26; Nm 15:40–41). Cf. Dt 14:2, 21; 26:19; and Ex 19:6.

Pharaoh didn’t think The Rules applied to him … God through Moses showed him the error of his ways

3* Each of you revere your mother and father,b and keep my sabbaths.c I, the LORD, am your God. * [19:3–4] Cf. the Decalogue laws on revering parents (Ex 20:12; Dt 5:16), keeping sabbaths (Ex 20:8–11; Dt 5:12–15), and not making or worshiping idols (Ex 20:2–6; Dt 5:7–10).

4 Do not turn aside to idols, nor make molten gods for yourselves.d I, the LORD, am your God.

5 When you sacrifice your communion sacrifice to the LORD, you shall sacrifice it so that it is acceptable on your behalf. 6 It must be eaten on the day of your sacrifice or on the following day. Whatever is left over until the third day shall be burned in fire. 7 If any of it is eaten on the third day, it will be a desecrated offering and not be accepted;e 8 whoever eats of it then shall bear the penalty for having profaned what is sacred to the LORD. Such a one shall be cut off from the people.f

9* When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not be so thorough that you reap the field to its very edge, nor shall you gather the gleanings of your harvest.g 10 Likewise, you shall not pick your vineyard bare, nor gather up the grapes that have fallen. These things you shall leave for the poor and the alien. I, the LORD, am your God. * [19:9–10] The Israelites maintain the poor in part by letting them gather unharvested portions of fields and vineyards. Cf. 23:22; Ru 2:1–10.

11* You shall not steal. You shall not deceive or speak falsely to one another.h 12 You shall not swear falsely by my name, thus profaning the name of your God.i I am the LORD. 13 You shall not exploit your neighbor. You shall not commit robbery. You shall not withhold overnight the wages of your laborer.j * [19:11–13] Cf. the Decalogue commandments against stealing (Ex 20:15; Dt 5:19), wrongly using God’s name (Ex 20:7; Dt 5:11), and swearing falsely against another (Ex 20:16; Dt 5:20).

14* You shall not insult the deaf, or put a stumbling block in front of the blind, but you shall fear your God. I am the LORD. * [19:14] In Dt 27:18 a curse falls on the head of the one who misleads the blind.

15 You shall not act dishonestly in rendering judgment. Show neither partiality to the weak nor deference to the mighty, but judge your neighbor justly.k 16 You shall not go about spreading slander among your people; nor shall you stand by idly when your neighbor’s life is at stake. I am the LORD.

17* You shall not hate any of your kindred in your heart. Reprove your neighbor openly so that you do not incur sin because of that person.l

18 Take no revenge and cherish no grudge against your own people. You shall love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.m * [19:17–18] These verses form a unit and describe different attitudes and actions towards one’s fellow Israelites. A separate passage is necessary to advise a similar attitude toward aliens (vv. 33–34). Cf. 25:39–46. The admonition at the end of v.18 came to be viewed in Judaism and Christianity as one of the central commandments. (See Mt 22:34–40; Mk 12:28–34; Lk 10:25–28; cf. Mt 19:19; Rom 13:8–10; Gal 5:14). The New Testament urges love for enemies as well as neighbors (Mt 5:43–48; Lk 6:27–36; cf. Prv 25:21–22).

19* Keep my statutes: do not breed any of your domestic animals with others of a different species; do not sow a field of yours with two different kinds of seed; and do not put on a garment woven with two different kinds of thread.n * [19:19] One reason why mixtures are prohibited seems to be that they are holy (see Dt 22:9, 10–11). Israelites are allowed mixtures in the wearing of fringes on the edges or corners of their clothing (Nm 15:37–41; Dt 22:12). Some mixtures are considered abominations (cf. Lv 18:23; Dt 22:5).

20* o If a man has sexual relations with a female slave who has been acquired by another man but has not yet been redeemed or given her freedom, an investigation shall be made. They shall not be put to death, because she has not been freed. 21 The man shall bring to the entrance of the tent of meeting as his reparation to the LORD a ram as a reparation offering.p 22 With the ram of the reparation offering the priest shall make atonement before the LORD for the wrong the man has committed, so that he will be forgiven for the wrong he has committed. * [19:20–22] On adultery, see note on 18:20. Here it is not adultery in the technical sense since the woman is not free. A reparation offering is required as a penalty (see 5:14–26).

23 When you come into the land and plant any fruit tree there,q first look upon its fruit as if it were uncircumcised. For three years, it shall be uncircumcised for you; it may not be eaten. 24In the fourth year, however, all of its fruit shall be dedicated to the LORD in joyous celebration. 25Not until the fifth year may you eat its fruit, to increase the yield for you. I, the LORD, am your God.
26 Do not eat anything with the blood still in it.r Do not recite charms or practice soothsaying.* s * [19:26] Recite charms…soothsaying: methods of divination (cf. Gn 44:5, 15; Is 2:6; Ez 21:26–28). Legitimate means of learning the future or God’s will were through the Urim and Thummim stones (see Lv 8:8), lots (see Lv 16:8) and prophets (cf. Dt 18:9–22; 1 Sm 28:6–7).

27 Do not clip your hair at the temples, nor spoil the edges of your beard.

28 Do not lacerate your bodies for the dead, and do not tattoo yourselves.* t I am the LORD. * [19:28] Do not tattoo yourselves: see note on Gn 4:15. This prohibition probably refers only to the common ancient Near Eastern practice of branding a slave with its owner’s name as well as branding the devotees of a god with its name.

29 You shall not degrade your daughter by making a prostitute of her;u otherwise the land will prostitute itself and become full of lewdness. 30 Keep my sabbaths, and reverence my sanctuary.v I am the LORD.

31 Do not turn to ghosts or consult spirits, by which you will be defiled.w I, the LORD, am your God.

32 Stand up in the presence of the aged, show respect for the old, and fear your God. I am the LORD.

33 When an alien resides with you in your land, do not mistreat such a one.x 34 You shall treat the alien who resides with you no differently than the natives born among you; you shall love the alien as yourself; for you too were once aliens in the land of Egypt.y I, the LORD, am your God.

35 Do not act dishonestly in using measures of length or weight or capacity.

36 You shall have a true scale and true weights, an honest ephah and an honest hin.* z I, the LORD, am your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt. * [19:36] Ephah: see note on Is 5:10; hin: see note on Ez 45:24.

37 Be careful, then, to observe all my statutes and decrees. I am the LORD.

and here are the references by letter :
a. [19:2] Lv 11:44. b. [19:3] Lv 20:9; Ex 20:12. c. [19:3] Lv 23:3. d. [19:4] Lv 26:1; Ex 20:3–5; 34:17; Dt 5:8; 27:15. e. [19:7] Lv 7:15–18. f. [19:8] Lv 7:20. g. [19:9] Lv 23:22; Dt 24:19–22. h. [19:11] Ex 20:15–16. i. [19:12] Ex 20:7; Mt 5:33–37. j. [19:13] Dt 24:14–15. k. [19:15] Ex 23:2–3; Dt 1:17; 16:19; Ps 82:2; Prv 24:23. l. [19:17] Mt 18:15; Lk 17:3; Gal 6:1. m. [19:18] Mt 5:43; 19:19; 22:39; Mk 12:31; Rom 13:9; Gal 5:14; Jas 2:8; 1 Jn 3:14. n. [19:19] Dt 22:9–12. o. [19:20] Dt 22:22–29. p. [19:21] Lv 5:14–26. q. [19:23] Dt 20:19–20. r. [19:26] Lv 17:10. s. [19:26] Dt 18:10; 2 Kgs 17:17; 21:6; 2 Chr 33:6. t. [19:28] Lv 21:5. u. [19:29] Lv 21:7, 14. v. [19:30] Lv 19:3. w. [19:31] Lv 20:6, 27; Dt 18:11; Is 8:19. x. [19:33] Ex 22:20; 23:9; Jer 22:3; Mal 3:5. y. [19:34] Dt 10:19. z. [19:36] Dt 25:13–16; Prv 16:11; Am 8:5; Mi 6:10–11.



Sunrise on The Last Day

Who Ya Gonna Call?




The Inner Struggle

Cardinal Sarah … on Silence …

A Dhia Ghleigil, Oh Glorious God”, Noirin Ni Riain & The Monks of Glenstall Abbey, from the album “Vox de Nube (Voice From The Cloud)” (1996)

Robert Cardinal Sarah

Robert Cardinal Sarah

“134. We need to cultivate silence and to surround it with an interior dike. In my prayer and in my interior life, I have always felt the need for a deeper, more complete silence.

I am talking about a kind of discretion that amounts to not even thinking about myself but, rather, turning my attention, my being, and my soul toward God. The days of solitude, silence, and absolute fasting have been a great support.

They have been an unprecedented grace, a slow purification, and a personal encounter with a God who wanted to draw me gradually toward a more substantial interior life so as to maintain an intimate relationship with him. Days of solitude, silence, and fasting, nourished by the Word of God alone, allow man to base his life on what is essential.”

Sarah, Robert Cardinal. The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise (Kindle Locations 1224-1230). Ignatius Press. Kindle Edition.

r. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen

Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen

This book of Cardinal Sarah’s is another “treasure from the attic” and amazingly current, not even an antique, but as important and lucid as Father Gabriel’s “Divine Intimacy” or even Augustine’s “Confessions” at the right time in one’s life.

Cardinal Sarah writes in French and this e-book is translated into English for those who have problems reading French … but not so much of a problem for a survivor of, a refugee from, Quebec Premier Jean Lesage’s “Quite Revolution” of the 60’s.

My father realized that there was no future for an Anglo in the new Quebec, and my family emigrated to Ontario with the tidal wave of Anglos escaping the anti-Anglo bigotry running rampant in the Quebec of the 60’s.

Anyway, I did learn French as a result, forced to learn it to graduate from High School, and mostly it was useful in future years in understanding what French delegates at National Conferences were ranting about when they thought only Anglos were listening.

As to the book, I think the original French might be a better read, but the translation is good. Cardinal Sarah also gave us “God or Nothing” which I read a couple of years ago. For a few bucks on for the e-book … priceless.

Almost exactly a year since I started practicing intermittent fasting as part of my “Flame of Love” devotions. Amazing health benefits have flowed from that decision to begin fasting and the practice has become a regular part of my life.

Strangely prescient, making this lifestyle decision, and then to find the practice popping up again everywhere I go in my spiritual  reading as a recommended practice in aid of spiritual growth.

Perhaps not such a surprise, in hindsight, to find that following the manufacturer’s instructions helps the engine run better, smoother, faster, longer … follow the manufacturer’s instructions. They are hard to miss once one starts sincerely looking and reading.



So much to read, so much to digest, in silence and no calories ...

So much to read, so much to digest, in silence and no calories …