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Transience and Immutability … “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”

“Aki” Rodrigo Rodriguez, from the album “Inner Thoughts”. (2006)

Thinking tonight about the similarities between events in my own family life and what I observe happening in the world around us. Close held opinions, world views which in some ways reject aspects of material reality which do not fit personal narratives, personal images, personal dreams, personal excuses. Some things seem never to change even in a society where change is the single constant.

I and my lovely wife were once great fans of genealogy,  spending many happy hours tracking down all the little facts and details of lives gone by, facts about how our families really lived, what they believed, what they stood for, what they fought for, what they died for.

Using parish documents, census documents, ships passenger lists, church roles for communities in the old and new world, reconstructing the lives of those who went before, weaving a narrative which goes back long before we were born and weaves us into a fabric spanning space and time, a fabric of belonging.

As in the time of my great grand-father, my grand-father and my father, so too now anything worth doing is hard to do. Anything worth making is hard to make. Anything worth expressing is hard to express. Especially, anything worth thinking is hard to think. So too with finding family information and facts when the prevalent meme is “spare me your facts, … “.

People simply don’t want to hear anything that diverges from their fashionable, comfortable and accepted narrative, even within families where digging up the past is at best greeted with “That’s nice dear…” or at worst, hostility and recrimination about “Why do you want to be digging all that up?”, or “That’s just a lie! …”.


Merchant ships of the type sailed along the New Brunswick coast and area in the period Claude was a skipper. (Late 1600’s)

One family myth was that my mother’s side were DeVans from Belgium, and Pitts from Boston. The documented findings (facts?) show otherwise including  a direct lineage from:

PETITPAS, CLAUDE, schooner captain, interpreter, known particularly for his collaboration with the English. (What? a French traitor, certainly a wanted man in some circles. Ha! I’d guess he didn’t share that narrative).

Claude was the third child of a family of 15, son of Claude Petitpas, Sieur de Lafleur, clerk of the court at Port-Royal (Annapolis Royal, N.S.), and of Catherine Bugaret; b. c. 1663 at Port-Royal, d. some time between 1731 and 1733.

During his youth Petitpas was closely associated in his voyages and activities with the Micmacs in the neighbourhood of Port-Royal, where he lived in his father’s home until his marriage. Around 1686 he married an Indian girl of that tribe named Marie-Thérèse, born in 1668, by whom he had at least seven children (Metis), according to the 1708 census. (Hey Mom, bet you didn’t know we have Micmac relatives.)

On 7 Jan. 1721, after his first wife’s death, he remarried, again at Port-Royal; his second wife was Françoise Lavergne from that town, daughter of Pierre Lavergne, Father Breslay’s servant, and of Anne Bernon. She was only 17; he was about 57. (Cradle robber anyone? Whatever, but definitely French no matter how you slice it.)

She bore him four children.Absolutely shocking! Not a Pitts from Boston … hmmm.  Another myth – DeVan – well actually Devanney, from Sligo, Ireland.  OMG people!  Not Belgian and Anglo American but a shady hated background of lowlife Frenchies and drunken Irish!  Not THOSE people. We don’t talk to Those people. Well, Mum refused to ever talk about it and stuck to her myth, her “narrative” until the day she died.

As in the family so too in the greater world at large. That is just the way things always were, are now, and will continue to be, world without end, Amen.

Our society, our culture, our “civilization” worships the glib, the silly, the foolish, the stupid, the inane, the idiotic, the vacuous, the asinine, the comfortable, and especially the fashionable and/or prestigious, in short, anything which will fit in a twitter post – if it is more of an Opus then you will have to switch to Facebook.

In this dark time, everybody finds themselves burdened under burgeoning behaviour codes on every front, academic, legal, social, political, and family, the Star Chamber of the Politically Correct (known as “human rights tribunals” in Canada), the lawless Dictatorship of Relativism, the Family Cabal, shunning the one who dares to dig up “facts”, or worse yet, Speak Them Aloud! But now THOSE people grab the whip hand and wreak vengeance on anyone who mentions them or disagrees with their point of view.

The sentence of “Pariah” is passed and we are only a short hiccup away from being prosecuted because what we brought up might, potentially, hurt the feelings of unknown members of some vaguely defined, politically or familially favored group.

The dissident pariah loses his familial ties, his relationships, his livelihood, or perhaps, if he hopes to keep them, must submit to public humiliation, apologies all around, and some tightly directed PC course of “counseling,” or “sensitivity training,” or “re-education” on what(ever) constitutes acceptable behaviour and he bloody well better accept this chastisement with good grace and humility or he’s a racist homophobic National Socialist, eh?



Dan Jurac Fine Art Photo of Hoar Frost_DSC2972_-25 degrees Celsius by December 5th. It’s about time, eh?  It is winter after all.


Life in a small town, Pen as Sword - Social Commentary

Controversy, “Normal” and the Media …

Waiting on the Night To Fall, Casting Crowns,

lobos-vestido-de-ovejaWhat is normal? What are lies and distortions.  How about  “they are everywhere”, or “they are just like us”, or “everybody sensible  thinks like me” or “we are the majority, and we speak for “insert your group here”, or “it’s the Jews”, or “it’s the Niggers”, whatever!

And by who and how are these ways of thinking conveyed to the general population of proles? Obviously in our culture it is the media, the talking heads and anyone with a public stump, like politicians, religious figures, artists, actors, documentary makers, publishers, bloggers, and so on.

I suspect that there have been these “purveyors” of news and ideas in every time and in every culture.  The trend setters, the agents for destabilization, the gossips, the sewing circle, the pub talkers, the town crier, the broadsheet scribbler, the PTA, eh? So, for arguments sake, let’s call this group with the agenda, which they have to sell to the general population, lets just call them the “X Group”.

Unfortunately for the “Non-X” group, the percentage distribution of proclivities and passions amongst politicians, artists, the media and academia does not translate automatically or logically into the larger sample we know as the “general population”.  “Accurate to 3 percentage points 90% of the time” is not only untested but is simply an appeal to the authority of the poling agency  to hold off difficult questions. It is the adult equivalent of “My Dad Said So!”.

The larger sample is, always was, and always will be, simply “untested”, and this “inconvenient truth” is a detail which presents a type of “catch 22” to any agenda setter.  Along with a strong bias to not test further because one already has a carefully selected sample which confirms one’s desired view or meme or belief, the usual suspects, good old fear, uncertainty, and doubt, mitigate against any attempt to truly get at “truth”.

FUDFUD affects both the the purveyors of pseudo-scientific “polls” and “reports” as well as their audience, the consumers of such pseudo-scientific dreck.  It is common practice to “intentionally or unintentional” target a certain demographic or geographical area, zone, population, community, identified population, whose expected opinions will point towards supporting whatever the latest direction the poling company’s masters want to go in.

Ask any member of x group how many x people they know and they will naturally know a high percentage of x’s. That is their group. People naturally believe that what they think and see and say is what every sensible person thinks and does and says so they project their proclivities and concupiscence, their favorite passions onto the general population and proceed to the conclusion that “x” is the norm amongst the general population except for a few “stupid” outliers. Of course there are many fewer “non’x’s” among the “x” group just as there are many fewer “x’s” among the “non-x” group(s).

So regardless of one’s political or social leaning does anyone really see any lapse of truth, any escape from reality, any “bias” about the above observations? I mean, seriously, all sides routinely throw accusations of all the above observations at every other media player with a competing view, so it just MUST be true, right? But faulty thinking and false opinions matter because for good or ill those errors and lies have real consequences in the real world. Once we stop believing “Truth”, we will believe anyone and anything, to our everlasting peril and the peril of those we are responsible for guiding.

Desolation Row, Chemical Romance, from the “Watchmen” soundtrack album

One of the prevalent popular memes in our current culture of death is the “Rainbow Myth”, that “Gay is OK”, That “Gays” are just like us. I am going to quote freely from some writing by Austin Ruse at Crisis Magazine   I am linking to his work at Crisis magazine because what is bothering me about “What is normal?” and “What are lies and distortions?” of the popular “Rainbow Mythology” of current progressives which I started writing about three weeks ago, has suddenly, lately become “Up Close and Personal” in our family.

I quote Austin Ruse because it is very difficult to get any “truth” from all the usual outlets; just not politically correct dontcha know? I have found both Austin Ruse and Crisis magazine to be reliable truthful sources over the years when examining our current progressive culture.

Modern family screen-shot-2014-04-13-at-10-24-59-am1In our broad extended family, our immediate cell (our immediate family) are the only family group who still hold to “traditional Christian beliefs, values and life style”.  In other words, we are very most definitely not a “Thoroughly Modern Progressive Family”.

All the rest of our extended family are very much poster families for the “Thoroughly Modern Progressive Family” (eg. No God, totally progressive “values”, public school educated accessory kids, parents careers are more important than the progeny, same in group/clique since high school, senior “Public Servants” blah blah blah  ya all know the drill.

All thoroughly modern progressive poster families which I am, through God’s grace related to, and therefore unable to avoid the drama of the 12 year old son announcing to our Poster Family that he is “gay”. The grief, stress and angsting melodrama (which the precocious little darling wants) will now unfold around us and will surpass the whole “abortion is murdering babies” crisis which is still unfolding around us.

So on with the story about why this development is both appropriate and totally predictable given the values of the families in question. This little burp of family emotion was predicted years ago when the subject 12 year old exhibited an inordinate fascination with little girls and princesses — not what one would expect —  but rather he expressed the desire to BE a princess. Wow, couldn’t see this one coming, right? Nah, don’t worry about anything, he’ll just grow out of it. We can just ignore it and it will go away. Can’t be seen to be “homophobic”, right?

Two of the great propaganda achievements of the progressive homosexual movement are the now culturally internalized beliefs that they are everywhere and they are just like us. Many propositions laid the ground work for that huge change in public opinion from the time homosexuality was openly mocked to today when you can get fired even for poking gentle fun. Much of the polling changes in attitudes about homosexuality are grounded not in acceptance but in this kind of fear.

From Austin Ruse” “But, these two—that they are everywhere and just like us—are two monumental but highly effective lies. Polling data shows that most Americans think homosexuals are far numerous than they really are. Gallup shows that most Americans think that 25 percent of the population is homosexual. Among those dim and dimmer millennials, it is 30 percent. That’s right, they think something on the order of 97 million Americans, including toddlers, are homosexual.

But not even Kinsey with his utterly debunked 10 percent thought homosexuals were so plentiful in the population. In fact, according to the best research—the Laumann study conducted out of the University of Chicago in 1994, and the recently concluded study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control—the true picture is profoundly different. According to the Centers for Disease Control, a measly 1.8 percent of adult men and 1.4 percent of adult women identify as homosexual. This translates into a tiny 2.1 million men and 1.7 million women. This is less than half the number of Methodists in the United States.

Because they are “everywhere,” a concomitant argument they make is that attitudes have changed because of the personal interaction people have with them. Even a casual look at the numbers would show that those would be some very busy homosexuals. The adult population of the United States is roughly 247 million.

In order for it to be even remotely true, that it is personal relationships that have changed public opinion, you would have to assume that each of these 3.8 million homosexuals are out of the closet, wearing their homosexuality on their sleeves, and are best buds with 65 non-homosexuals each. So, no, the proposition that they are everywhere is simply not true. And most Americans have hardly any meaningful interaction with homosexuals.

Are they like the rest of us? Certainly. They are children of God, made in his image and likeness, and deserving of their human dignity. But, in the choices they make, in their attractions and in their behavior, and in the results of both, they are profoundly different.”

Well, enough for tonight, even writers have to sleep sometime which kinda gives the game away, to wit, they are not gods after all even if they thought so. I’ll continue in my next post.



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