Life in a small town

By waiting and by calm …

“River Flows In You”, Yiruma, from the album “Yiruma Piano Collection” , (2001)

Sunrise on The Last Day

My last post was perhaps a little unsettling … but we have to stay focused on the long view … do not get distracted by the fear, uncertainty and doubt, the anger and turmoil. That is indeed what we are faced with these days, is it not?

So I prepare for another day … expecting another steady stream of fear and anxiety presenting itself all day long across my counter, and while all have much in common, each presents with a unique  particular grievance and an equally unique attributed cause and virtually all attribution seems bereft of any basis in fact, or “reality”.

A security guard, wearing a protective facemask to protect against the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, browses his mobile phone as he secures the entrance of a nearly empty shopping mall in Beijing on February 27, 2020. (Photo by Nicolas ASFOURI / AFP) (Photo by NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP via Getty Images)

How can you not be sympathetic to people’s concerns when they are like sheep without a shepherd, and haven’t realized that it’s true! They can’t do it on their own. This turmoil is real, designed and implemented by our masters to create the exact effect that we see unfolding all around us.  A state of extreme confusion or agitation; commotion or tumult, disturbed; agitated; troubled; disquieted.

We work through our days amid trouble, worriment, and vexation; we are disquieted, and troubled, and worried by the fountain of distraction and propaganda being fed to us. This is really all a false flag operation driven by a desperate Red China under the flag of “Pandemic”.

And the FUD is fed to us through all the usual media sources including our daily dose of “Press Releases” and “Interviews”, all carefully scripted and designed to maximize our reliance, our dependence, on the “experts” and “authorities”.

We need to notice the river of peace which Jesus is offering us minute by minute as He walks beside us just like He did with the disciples on the road to Emmaus, Luke 24:13-35

By waiting and by calm you shall be saved, in quiet and in trust shall be your strength. (Isaiah 30:15)


Beloved St. Joseph,
Custodian of Christ, Spouse of the Virgin Mary
Protector of the Church:
I place myself beneath your paternal care.
As Jesus and Mary entrusted you to protect and guide,
to feed and safeguard them through
the Valley of the Shadow of Death,

I entrust myself to your sacred fatherhood.
Gather me into your loving arms, as you gathered your Holy Family.
Press me to your heart as you pressed your Divine Child;
hold me tightly as you held your Virgin Bride;
intercede for me and my loved ones
as you prayed for your beloved Family.

Take me, then, as your own child; protect me;
watch over me; never lose sight of me.

Should I go astray, find me as you did your Divine Son,
and place me again in your loving care that I may become strong,
filled with wisdom, and the favor of God rest upon me.

Therefore, I consecrate all that I am and all that I am not
into your holy hands.

As you carved and whittled the wood of the earth,
mold and shape my soul into a perfect reflection of Our Savior.
As you rested in the Divine Will, so too, with fatherly love,
help me to rest and remain always in the Divine Will,
until we embrace at last in His Eternal Kingdom,
now and forever, Amen.


Just a little rough patch