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The N.B.A. and C.A.P.D. … who knew?

A couple of items crossed my sensors today. As in days of old, in the tradition of Captain Kirk, I loudly exclaimed “Onscreen!”

Captain’s Log, stardate 11024.5: Our destination is planet Realitas I … new data has come to light in our ongoing mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

It turns out that there is such a thing as the N.B.A. and one of the many things they look after is C.A.P.D.  Who knew?!

In reading about these things we have realized a sudden understanding of one of the ordinal planks of Canadian cultural society as we experience it every day here on the frozen plains of the New West.

Firstly, the N.B.A. is not a sports related media franchise as we once believed. New data has revealed that The N.B.A. is The National Benefit Authority team!

The NBA are experts in Canadian disability benefits, specializing in the Disability Tax Credit. Rather than you, the victim, trying to figure out your Disability Tax Credit eligibility, or how to claim your Disability Tax Credit, the NBA manages all the logistics of your Disability Tax Credit application.

Secondly, and even more amazingly, we have discovered that C.A.P.D. is a clinically identified physiological condition. Auditory Processing Disorder, or APD, is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of disorders that affect the brain’s ability to process auditory information.

Also referred to as Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), the sensory disorder can even affect young children (roughly 5% of school-aged children are diagnosed with APD).

Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) manifests in the behaviour and interpersonal communication styles of a large number of the Canadian adult population. Those affected are found to be partially or completely unable to process any auditory (and in many cases visual) information which is at odds with the individual’s beliefs or world view.

Auditory processing disorder symptoms can be numerous, with the most common challenges being:

  • Hearing in noisy situations
  • Following long conversations
  • Listening over the telephone
  • Learning a new language
  • Picking up challenging vocabulary of an already known language
  • Being attentive
  • Reading or spelling

From that handful of C.A.P.D. symptoms alone, sensory disorder can be debilitating, and undoubtedly impacts a person’s standard of living in some aspect.

Disability benefits can offset some of these obstacles through speech therapy or potential medications – and the Canadian government agrees.

Unfortunately, despite the various disability benefits available to differently-abled Canadians, a large number of people don’t submit a claim. Some simply aren’t aware of the available resources, but most others struggle with the long and draining application processes.

For some real world evidence of the difficulties, just ask any person who has jumped through all the hoops to get a family member or acquaintance enrolled in Alberta’s AISH program.  20 to 30 months of unrelenting effort is the norm to push any claim through the Olympic obstacle course of hoops set up by the Alberta government to prevent successful AISH applications.

But you might get the NBA to handle all that for you. The National Benefit Authority can overcome all hurdles. The NBA are experts in Canadian disability benefits, specializing in the Disability Tax Credit.

Rather than you trying to figure out your Disability Tax Credit eligibility, or how to claim your Disability Tax Credit, we manage all the logistics of your DTC application. The NBA believes you have enough on your mind, financially and emotionally, and we’re here to ease that burden.

Our testimonials can attest to our position as Canada’s top service provider for all things related to the Canadian Disability Tax Credit. We’ve assisted over 40,000 Canadians in successfully claiming disabled tax credits of upwards of $50,000 per application!

Apply for your Disability Tax Credit through the NBA! You won’t need to stress over piles of papers and doctor’s records – our specialists have you covered.

Strange new worlds indeed! $50,000.00 is a significant handful, even in Canadian dollarettes. So there is some hope going forward … in Canada a person (gender neutral, but preferably french and female) can get government assistance related to their world view and belief systems.

No god, no problem; Global warming is killing the planet, not a worry; Animal based food sources are poisonous, not a risk; Socialism helps everyone and is not gang based extortion, not silly; Islam is the religion of Peace and Love, hmmm; Rainbow gender ideology, not scientific, who cares.

O, Canada … All belief systems are equal, any belief system is worthy of support in a equal opportunity, non discriminatory compensation system.  … Unless you disagree with the Liberal Progressive system of beliefs. … then you find you have a price on your head. “Tolerant Liberals” are the least tolerant persons in the history of the human race.



In spite of all that, we have Hope in the Dawn of a New Day